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Massage Aim, Identify Your Aim

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The measure of a good massage is not only how good you feel during the massage but also how good you feel afterwards and in the days that follow.

It is easy to feel good during a massage and, to be honest, it is not very difficult to make you feel good, but this is only about the moment and has not much to do with the quality of the massage. You could have a great experience which is a worthless experience and you could have a disappointing experience but a great massage. No, I am not trying to trick you and nor am I playing word games.  What I am saying is that one thing has almost nothing to do with the other.

tantric energy

Massage aim. Put simply, what is your aim? The aim of any massage should be about getting relaxed. Besides that, we could have many reasons for a good massage or none at all. Maybe the only reason we need is to want to please ourselves with a good massage, but obviously even in that case we look for a relaxing experience. However, our expectations for a sensual massage are often higher than higher. Men visit an erotic masseur with the expectation of having full massage and a full sexual service, yes? Let’s say it once, strong and clear. WRONG! Very wrong! As I have said many times, sensual, erotic massage is not a sexual service, it is a sensual experience therefore high expectations could easily translate into huge disappointment.

What do I mean by expectations? Of course it is normal to have expectations but they need to be the right ones. If you create expectations about something that is not going to happen, it is wrong. If what you are looking for is a simple, intense full sex session, you should put yourself in the care of a professional who offers those services. If on the other hand you are looking for a sensual service, by calling one of us masseurs, you will be in the right hands.

Sensual vs Sexual. Sensual service does not mean you will not enjoy it. Sometimes a sensual service could bring more pleasure than a sexual service. Good, bad… sex!  We had it for a long time and since a young age but I can assure you there are many adult men who never had a sensual experience.

Sexuality is physical, is a primary need, and as a primary need uses the primary instincts located on the first chakra, begin and end of the trip. The male sexual organs and the first chakra are almost in the same place, inch up or inch down, which as you will understand is the main reason why sex sometimes just makes us feel empty and ready for more after one hour.

Sensuality is more on an emotional level, and therefore works over all the chakras besides the body. Sensuality is about all the senses, smell, sound, touch, and the sexual energy brings all those together in a unit. It is for that reason that we do not offer sexual services, not because we do not want to do it or we do not know how to do it, but because we know what we offer is more special than just a sexual service. But it takes one to appreciate it, if you do not feel prepared, you should at least come with an open mind and without expectations, just let things happen, maybe you will get a surprise and even if you do not, it will be better than ending up disappointed.

London Sensual Massage different services different types of intimacy.

Yes, at London Sensual Massage I do offer more than one type of service and each one has different levels of intimacy.

Erotic massage is a full body nude massage where the only aim is your pleasure, but it only works on the first chakras and therefore as said before is a very basic physical service. But do not take me wrong, it is a perfect service for those looking only for physical contact and relief.

Tao Massage is a service where intimacy is higher than with any other service, by intimacy I mean physical intimacy, physical contact. On the other hand, the sensual component is higher than with the erotic service. Tao massage involves full body contact and during the massage the masseur will use all his body, chakras get activated, though there is no actual chakra work. Tao massage is perfect for all of you searching for something more than just relief, and is suitable for anyone who wants to explore his sexuality and his body.

Tantric massage is a form of therapy, it is a massage service with a high level of intimacy though not physical intimacy. Of course there is physical contact but the goal is to achieve an energetic, spiritual communication between you and the masseur. All the chakras get active during a tantric massage session, but unlike the Tao massage, a tantric therapist will offer chakras work, scan, balance, and so on. A certain level of awakening is needed in order to get the benefits of a tantric massage session.

As you can see, every massage has its own goals and different aims, and it is up to you to understand what are yours in order to choose the best service for you, and of course, to not be disappointed. If you are not clear about what could be good for you, feel free to talk openly with your masseur and he will guide you.

As a masseur, I understand about needs and I can be be objective about others needs. It was part of my training and for that reason I am here to understand what you need without any judgement on my part.  This is the reason why if what you want is just sex or if I can tell that is what you need, believe me, I will openly tell you, as for me this is nothing to be ashamed of.

I will never offer someone a service which I do not think is what he needs and I will of course never do it just for the money.

Naveen Rustagi                                         August, 2014 at 07:01 PM
I will never offer someone a service which I do not think is what he needs and I will of course never do it just for the money
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